Job Title-: Housekeeping Associate

Job Description :

0-1 Year Experience

  • Report on time for the assigned shift in immaculate uniform and abiding with the grooming standards.
  • Responsible for the keys /pagers/mobile phones being handed over to him/her and ensuring that they are signed in and out for.
  • Responsible for the safety and security of his/ her assigned are of work and must adhere to the laid down security procedures.
  • Collecting the required supplies and equipment from the master stores and ensure complete accountability for their inventory.
  • Ensuring that adequate stocks of all guest and cleaning supplies are available on the floor pantries at all times and a proper inventory is maintained for the same.
  • Attending all guest requests promptly and courteously and keeping guest needs and preferences in mind while servicing rooms.
  • Cordinating with engineering for maintenances of rooms, guest corridors and service areas.
  • Using all electrical equipment as per the laid down procedures and ensure that no equipment is misused.
  • Reporting all lost and found articles must to the duty manager and Supervisor-Housekeeping immediately and depositing in the housekeeping department along with the relevant details.
  • Informing Supervisor-Housekeeping about missing or damaged articles and linen as soon as possible.
  • Ensuring that all guest and service corridors are free of soiled trays and litter at all times.
  • Ensuring that the floor pantries and service equipment are clean and well stored at the end of each shift.
  • To encourage and participate as a team in all hotel and departmental activities and practice internal customer concepts.
  • To Encourage and follow cost conservation methods and follow procedures of energy conservation.
  • To complete and be responsible for any special assignment or task delegated to him/her.
  • To carry out all Public Areas cleaning schedules as given by the Team leader/ Manager
  • To carry out any other tasks given/assigned by superiors/Management
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