Why is Corinthians Resort & Club a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding? - The Corinthians Pune
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Wedding Venues in Pune

Why is Corinthians Resort & Club a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding?

Corinthians Resort & Club a Perfect Venue for Your Wedding

The Corinthians Resort & Club in Pune is popularly known to be the party hub of the city. With an in house brewery and magnificent restaurant, the property attracts a lot of party lovers. Since it’s located in the heart of the city, tourists also prefer to book their stay at this lavish abode. But hey! Have you ever thought that this resort is also the best wedding destination in Pune owing to its services and structure? Here’s how:

1) Remarkably located: The property is located in the heart of Pune and is spread across a huge space. Thus commuting becomes very easy. This might not appear to be a very big thing but when planning and hosting a wedding, shopping is a regular and essential thing. Also, you would need to visit various people when you make arrangements and the guests will also have to reach the venue on D Day without any hassle. The location of The Corinthians Resort & Club makes sure that all this happens smoothly.

2) Comfortable accommodation: When there is a wedding in the family, guests fly down from far off places to attend the ceremony and enjoy with their loved ones. Especially, when you are planning a destination wedding, the stay of your guests is a major aspect. If you book this venue, you can accommodate the guests within the same premises at affordable costs. This will make the entire experience even more joyous for them. When it’s Corinthians, you can totally depend on their hospitality.

3) The best food that can adorn the menu on your D Day: The in-house restaurant at The Corinthians Resort & Club is known around the city for the delectable dishes that it serves and the efficient catering that it provides. Well, this same unit works on those weddings, which are hosted in this property. Hence, only fresh and tasty food is served during every occasion, which leaves a lasting impression on the guests. You can choose your favourite dishes and finalise a unique menu for your special day. Also, since there is an in-house brewery, you don’t need to stress out on drinks that will get served.

4)  Spacious banquets: The Corinthians Resort & Club boasts of spacious banquets that can accommodate a lot of guests. There is also space in case you want to host an open air function. Be it your wedding day or just a cocktail party, The Corinthians Resort & Club set it all in place.

Well, now you know which venue to book if you are hosting your marriage ceremony in Pune. For detailed information, please visit our website.

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