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What Steps are Maharashtra Government Taking to Fight Coronavirus in Pune?

Maharashtra Government Taking to Fight Coronavirus in Pune

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Maharashtra Government has undertaken few steps to control the situation. The govt. of Maharashtra has declared complete shutdown of local transports such as bus and train in cities like Mumbai.

Employees have been given clear guidelines to work from home in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus. The virus has effected 41 residents and further, an elderly person in Mumbai has died. The metropolitan city has been effected severely by the spread of the virus.

Complete shutdown of the transport services will bring the state’s economy on its knees. People unable to commute to work will result in a serious financial crisis, especially for the corporate sector. According to the state health department the lockdown is the only way to deal with the current situation, and the lockdown will continue till 14th April. They have also suggested that only essential services should be made available for the public, such as Groceries and Medicine.

In his recent statement, Uddhav Thackeray has clearly warned the people that if they don’t cooperate with the authorities then they will be left with no choice but to stop the train services. He clearly mentioned in his statement that he does not wish to shut down the train services, but he had to do it.

According to the Government officials the current situation is being closely monitored and if there is a sudden rise in the number of people infected then the whole city will be put on lockdown immediately.

Furthermore, the local Gram Panchayat elections and local body polls have also been postponed in Maharashtra. In Pune, Maharashtra’s second biggest city with maximum number of cases, the hotel and restaurant owners have completely shutdown their operations. Health minister, Rajesh Tope, said that it is mandatory to shut down the bus and train services due to the huge number of people that cannot be easily managed.

He, also, mentioned that if people continue to use buses and trains to travel the spread of the virus will continue to spread at an alarming rate, and the health care facilities will be burdened with huge numbers of patients that will be impossible to deal with. Some other cabinet ministers also made the argument that shutting town trains and buses will lead to an unprecedented economic crisis.


Follow the guidelines issued by the government, and the state health department and stop the Virus from spreading. If you are in Pune and are looking for a place to a stay then book your stay at Corinthians Pune, one of the best resorts in Pune.

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