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Pre Wedding Photoshoot

10 Exclusive pre-wedding Photo shoot Ideas for Every Couple

pre-wedding Photo shoot Ideas for Every Couple

New, unique and exclusive Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot idea is what we all love to search around during the wedding season. Gone are those days of awkward poses when irritating photographers use to tell how to stand and look somewhere. Remember those look into eyes and hold my hand shots? They were just good enough to irritate the couple.

Nowadays with the grace of social media and blessings of those old irritated couples, concept of pre wedding shoots and videos have changed drastically. Every couple wants to stand out with their Pre-Wedding Photo shoot ideas and the demand has grown exponentially in the last few years.

Pre-wedding photo shoot comes out with the best result when they portray the essence of the couple to its fullest. Explore your interests as a couple and blend them into your shoot. Here comes the research done specially for the couples who are looking for best Pre-Wedding Photo shoot ideas.

1. Be a Gourmet Couple
Especially for food lovers or couples who enjoy cooking together on weekends or love watching Masterchef together, then surely get in to this cute theme for your photo shoot.

2. Turn in to Mini you
For a super unique pre wedding album, get into miniature photo shoot. These are the newest trend in market, which makes couples look adorable and goofy.

3. Romantic Rains
Water is lovey-dovey cousin of snow. Either of these gives whole amazing panorama which acts as a perfect backdrop for the passionate yet cute pictures.

4. Stargazing
Rooftop candle lit dinners is surely every couple’s idea of romantic evening. Gazing at starts instead of each other’s eyes will add incomparable beauty to your album.

5. Heritage
You can always visit the nearest heritage locations for royal pictures, which is absolutely awe inspiring.

6. Classic Black and White

For a timeless and classic photo shoot, get yourself wrapped into the black and white ink for some retro pictures.

7. A vintage Shoot
For someone very much into matching classic outfits with different hues of blue along with gramophone or old telephone in the frame, a vintage shoot is must.

9. Include your friends
Friends are perfect catalyst to add humor to the photo shoot as they are lifetime buddies and the one who is going to enjoy your weeding the most.

In house shoots
Don’t forget to add the most real and comfortable photo shoot idea to your bucket. Lazy Sundays, Netflix or web series; this is every couple’s secret desire.

 10.  Fairytale

A fairytale love story is every couple’s dream and if you and your better half belief in existence of magic in the world, then be sure to add this theme as well.

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