Planning a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot? Just Follow These Simple Steps. - The Corinthians Pune
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Pre weeding Shoot in Pune

Planning a Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot? Just Follow These Simple Steps.

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Pre-wedding photo shoots are lovely. Although it’s a new trend, we think that it’s all good. While the wedding ceremony is a social celebration of the unification of the couple, the pre-wedding shoot celebrates and captures their love in beautiful photographic memories. If considered professionally, it’s just a photographic session of the bride and groom before their marriage, but in reality, it has more to it. A pre-wedding shoot  can be a great bonding moment between those two who are already so much in love. If the marriage is arranged, couples get an opportunity get to know each other better as they get clicked in each other’s arms. In all, a pre-wedding shoot is a gift that a couple gives themselves. Many years later, these same photographs shall take the couple down memory lane.

But, if you really want your photos to be amazing, here’s a little checklist that you need to follow:

1)  Meet your photographer face to face and then hire the right person– the photographer clicking you should have a crystal clear idea of what you are expecting out of him. He | She should get to know you well enough so that he |she can use his | her creativity well to personalise the album and its photos just for you. Well, this is one of the major things that you should decide well upon and beforehand.

2)  Work on the theme: one photoshoot stands out from the other because of its unique theme. Well, it’s not a sin to do a photo shoot without a theme but things become more fun to work with when themed. You can experiment with colours, poses and props by properly communicating with your photographer.

3) Select your location way before: Location makes a major difference in the composition and quality of your pictures. If you are planning to shuffle between different locations for the same album, schedule each shoot session systematically so that you don’t simply waste time and money on travelling without any output. If you are planning to pre-wedding photo shoot in Pune, we can vouch for The Corinthians Resort & Club as an excellent location for your . The price is within your budget and you get a gorgeous background to compose your pictures.

4) Makeup and hair: if you want your photos to look very professional, we suggest that you hire a professional makeup artist and stylist. This way, all your looks will be well put together and you’d look glowing as ever in your photos!  Do get a trial makeup and hair styling is done before you settle for your makeup artist. Get thorough knowledge of the products she| he would use and also, if you have any look in mind, inform him | her beforehand.

5) Schedule properly: when it’s the call time, it’s not wise to go against the photographer. Lighting is very important for an outdoor shoot and if your photographer is stressing on particular call time for the session, it’s for a reason. Doing otherwise will only ruin your photos. So, reach on time, shoot in time and make beautiful memories with your Beau as you capture everything in your favourite photo book.

If you’re looking for a perfect destination for the shoot, The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune has the most beautiful backdrop in the city, accompanied by professional services.

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