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Restaurants in Pune at Corinthians Pune Resort & Club

Places for dinner in pune with friends

A great place to have a party with friends is Pune. A wide variety of activities are available, as well as excellent cuisine. You’ll have a great time exploring everything Pune offers with your friends. Whether you are a food lover, a gamer, or a lover of nature, we will show you some of the best places for dinner with your friends in the best restaurants:

There are numerous activities available at one of the best resorts in Pune, Corinthians, for people of all ages to be active while on vacation.

Pyramisa Multi-cuisine & Resto Bar
One of the top restaurants in Pune is this multi-cuisine restro bar at The Corinthians Resort & Club. One of the best places to eat in Pune where you may enjoy a range of delights that skilled chefs have created. They offer a wide variety of cuisines for a nice dining experience, whether you’re traveling with family or friends. Pyramisa, one of Pune’s top eateries, offers a balanced explosion of flavors from South and North Indian street food. The chefs are aware of your cravings and will satisfy them by creating a delectable dish in their distinctive manner.

Salsa Multi-cuisine Restaurant
You may treat your taste to a broad variety of flavors, including Mediterranean and Indian food, at this multi-cuisine restaurant in Pune. As you have a meal with your loved ones and have lovely talks, the cooks will be serving exquisite dishes that have been adorned with only the freshest ingredients. At The Corinthians Resort & Club, enjoy a memorable meal by pairing these exquisite treats with excellent pours. After a long day at work, you can unwind in a tranquil environment.

The 1st Brewhouse – Best Beer Bar in Pune
The 1st Brew house always offers a variety of energizing flavour beers. You’ll be stunned by the aroma of freshly produced, excellent quality beer the moment you step in. Under the direction of our German Brewmaster, stop by for some of the best draughts in the nation, with freshly produced handmade Beers on Tap. Dollaly’s 1st Brew House is a “must-see” chill-out venue thanks to its fantastic ambience, wooden decor, and excellent soundtrack.

Waiter on Wheels from The Corinthians Resort & Club
Every family prefers to use this Waiter on Wheels by The Corinthians Resort & Club home delivery and self-pick-up platform because it offers a vast selection of cuisines from across the world cooked by their culinary specialists and delivered to your door.

Spend a romantic evening with your significant other or other loved ones in a tranquil setting while dining at The Corinthians Resort & Club. The beauty of these cupolas on the river will enhance your eating experience. Take advantage of the handpicked, custom packages that are created to ensure that you have a wonderful time.

Oasis Pool Bar
This in-pool, swim-up bar is the height of luxury for those who enjoy the hedonistic pleasure of sipping while soaking in the water. It’s the ideal setting for mingling and introductions. Swim with the pretty folks, soak up the sun, or simply unwind. You’re only here to enthrall yourself.

The Corinthians Resort & Club, one of the most lavish resorts with outdoor activities, is unquestionably the perfect place for a holiday, discovering all the things you can engage in. Variety of amenities for you to pick from. One of the best restaurants in Pune.

Pune is meant not only for bars and pubs to hang out with but also for delicious multi-cuisine restaurants. If your friends are far away from Pune and if you are planning for a perfect stay in the city, Look no further than Corinthians Hotels! The rooms are equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday and the friendly staff is always available to help with anything you need. Check out our complimentary breakfast buffet each morning – it’s the ideal starting point for your day’s adventures! Book your table with one of the top and best restaurants in Pune .

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