Is it your Bachelorette? Head to The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune - The Corinthians Pune
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Best Beer Bar in Pune

Is it your Bachelorette? Head to The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune

The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune

Bachelorettes deserve to indulge in some everlasting fun and capture unforgettable moments before they finally tie the knot. It’s the last celebration of the bachelor life with your friends and crime partners. It’s the day or vacation that you let loose and party like there’s no tomorrow. It is said that we grow up after we are married. Those 7 pheras around the pious fire makes you realise that you have to be more cautious, responsible and mature enough to commit to a new relationship. Thus, you deserve to break free before you take on the actual adulthood by running a family. Here’s why The Corinthians Resort & Club, Pune is the ideal place for such a celebration:

1)  It’s in Pune: Pune’s lifestyle is very similar to that of Mumbai, minus the chaos. Thus, the city also has an exciting nightlife. There are plenty of clubs to party and drink, and if you wish to explore a little bit of history on your bachelorette trip, you can also get that thirst quenched in Pune. For amazing photographs, you can visit the beautiful ancient structures spread across the city. It’s an “all in one” situation.

2) The Corinthians owns the best brewery in the west zone: come on! You don’t need to shy away while agreeing to the fact that there can be no bachelorette party without alcohol. It’s the time when you drink and eat to your heart’s content without caring about the world. What can be better than to party and accommodate yourself in a resort which has an in-house brewery? If you are a beer lover, you can relish top-notch beer during any hour of the day which is served fresh from the brewery. The bar here also has an amazing stock of world-class alcohol from around the world to suit your refined taste and choices. When the drinks are at bay, there shouldn’t be any wait, anyway.

3) World-class amenities: well, if you are having your bachelorette trip right before your D Day, it’s your responsibility to pamper yourself simultaneously as you party with your BFFs. Here at the resort, you can pamper yourself to an amazing spa session, unwind at the sparkling pool or just get an ever relaxing massage.

4) Flawless food and stay: Food completes any trip and we can assure you that the dishes that you will taste at this resort will leave a mark on your memory forever. Corinthians brings to you worldwide cuisine, cooked to perfection by experienced chefs. Also, the stay you get here is above anything that other accommodations across the city can provide you with. It’ll be a stay to cherish.

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