Head to Skyy Deck for Tasting the Best Sizzlers in the West Zone - The Corinthians Pune
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best restaurants in pune

Head to Skyy Deck for Tasting the Best Sizzlers in the West Zone

Best Sizzlers in the West Zone

Pune, the land of the Peshwas is known to be the cultural hub of Maharashtra. Also, being the second-largest city in Maharashtra, this tourist destination has a broad horizon of five-star hotels and restaurants for a fine dining experience. However, Corinthians Resort in Pune stands out among the rest for its exquisite architecture and prime location. Further, the in-house restaurant is known for serving some of the tastiest feasts.

Following the tradition, the Corinthians Resort in Pune has now introduced The Skyy Deck Just Sizzlers, a bistro dedicated completely to serving the sizzling delights. Sizzlers are now a well-known delicacy and are part of the menu in every known restaurant countrywide and Pune is no exception. These delicacies are placed on hot platters right before being served that triggers its sizzling sound which makes this dish quite unique.

Continuing with its tradition of providing delicious cuisines, The Corinthians Resort & Club opened yet another Food & Beverage outlet The Skky Deck (An open to sky restaurant) exclusivity serving great sizzlers!

Skyy Deck Just Sizzlers is turning out to be a sizzler haven for those who are especially fond of unique dishes and guests would find a wide variety of options to choose from. Unique sizzler dishes prepared by expert chefs have a distinct flavour that leaves one craving for more making Corinthians Resorts in Pune the place to be when it comes to relishing this sizzling hot delicacy.

The Corinthians Resort & Club in Pune is the embodiment of culinary excellence, created by the culinary genius of seasoned chefs exhibiting a wide range of flavoursome Jain vegetarian and savoury non-vegetarian sizzlers. The elegant Skyy Deck Bistro is accompanied by the lavish milieu of the resort and the soothing weather of Pune.

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