Best Places to visit in Pune in Monsoon - Corinthians Club & Resort
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Experience Opulence and Tranquility – A Luxurious Retreat in Pune

Corinthians—Best places to visit in Pune This monsoon!

Pune is a fascinating blend of history, fun, adventure, spirituality, and more, with various forts, palaces, museums, temples, cathedrals, food streets, shops, and bars. The monsoon season adds a romantic element to the city, which is a pure delight to explore throughout the year. Pune is endowed with various monsoon getaway spots that really steal the show, many of which are close to numerous lovely lakes, waterfalls, hill stations, and hiking paths.

Visiting this place during the monsoon is an unforgettable experience. Everything is more delightful now, including the scenery, sounds, and sensations. If you ever have the chance to visit somewhere during the monsoon season, take advantage of the opportunity. The Monsoon in Pune is one of the most beautiful season enhancing its natural beauty to the fullest.

5-Star Luxury Resort in Pune will make the most of your trip! The beautiful Greco Egyptian of The Corinthians Resort & Club in Pune, which spans approximately 25 acres and melds seamlessly with the surroundings, opens up an endless world of refreshment & oxygen. It won’t surprise you if you become engrossed in the exquisite nuances of nature, jewel-like minutiae that might have otherwise escaped your attention. It provides the luxury of 141 opulent rooms and a wide range of banquet venues spread across 15000 square feet of open area. The tranquil surroundings will be a welcome respite for senses fatigued by the demands of the city.

The Pune’s 1st Brew house always offers a variety of energizing flavor beers. You’ll be stunned by the aroma of freshly produced, excellent quality beer the moment you step in. Under the direction of our German Brewmaster, stop by for some of the best draughts in the nation, with freshly produced handmade Beers on Tap. Doolally’s 1st Brew House is a “must-see” chill-out venue thanks to its fantastic ambience, wooden decor, and excellent soundtrack.

One of the top restaurants in Pune is Dining at Pyramisa, a multi-cuisine restro bar overlooking the blue waters of our stunning swimming pool & waterfall with a grotto at The Corinthians Resort & Club. Enjoy a range of delights that our skilled chefs have genuinely created. We provide a wide variety of cuisines for a quality dining experience, whether you’re traveling with family or friends.

Step into the harbor of comfort to enjoy your holiday in one of our roomy rooms and escape the routine. Enjoy our thrilling promotions! At Corinthians Resort, you’re in store for a memorable experience in the lap of luxury. We are here to make your stay a cozy celebration, so unwind and let go of all your problems. Best restaurants in Pune.

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