Best Places to Hangout in Pune - Corinthains Club & Resort
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hangout in Pune at Corinthians Pune Resort & Club

Best places to hangout in Pune with friends

How does hanging out with friends make you feel? It is always a time to relax and enjoy the company of people we care about. We usually spent the evening catching up, joke around, laugh and have a good time.

A great place to have a party with friends is Pune. A wide variety of activities are available with excellent cuisine. You’ll have a great time exploring everything Pune offers with your friends. Whether you are a food lover, a gamer, or a nature lover, we will show you some of the best places in Pune to hang out with your friends:

There are numerous activities available at one of the best resorts in Pune, The Corinthians, for people of all ages to be active while on vacation.

Spa & Salon
Unwind with your friends at Meghavi Wellness Spa! Meghavi offers over 50 therapies on its world-class spa menu, including common stress relievers like Kansa Wand massages, Hot Stone massages, Warm Bamboo massages, Herbal Potli massages, and Classical massages like Swedish, Deep Tissue, Balinese, Aromatherapy, Foot Reflexology, Body Scrubs, Wraps, & Facials. Spa in Pune

The 1st Brewhouse – Best Beer Bar in Pune
The 1st Best bar in pune always offers a variety of energizing flavour beers. You’ll be stunned by the aroma of freshly produced, excellent quality beer the moment you step in. Under the direction of our German Brewmaster, stop by for some of the best draughts in the nation, with freshly produced handmade Beers on Tap. Doolally’s 1st Brew House is a “must-see” chill-out venue thanks to its fantastic ambience, wooden decor, and excellent soundtrack.

Athena Library
Engage in a mindful session with your friends! If you are a lover of books, then you must join the literati group a mix of Poets, Singers, Bloggers & Writers who meet here once a week. This is the perfect location to curl up on a quiet afternoon because it is stocked with the most recent newspapers, magazines, and books.

Fitness Pact
The Corinthians Resort & Club’s state-of-the-art gym is outfitted with all the necessary tools to keep visitors on top of their workout routines while away from home. The Corinthians Resort & Club, one of the best resorts in Pune with a gym, is the ideal place to burn off the holiday calories with Aerobics, Yoga & Zumba classes, not to forget Martial arts & Taekwondo too.

Swimming Pool
Enjoy a refreshing swim & the bar in the pool with the hidden getaway The Grotto for an unforgettable experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Activities
It’s crucial to take a break from your busy schedule, especially when you’re at The Corinthians Resort & Club. Foosball, table tennis, board games, pool, and other indoor games are available at the resort. The ideal location to stay if you want to try exciting sports like skating, power cricket, archery, rifle shooting, and more. Choose what you enjoy the most, and The Corinthians Resort & Club will help you start a fantastic holiday & leave you with memories you never forget.

The Corinthians Resort & Club, one of the most lavish resorts with outdoor activities and is unquestionably the perfect place for a holiday, discovering all the things you can engage in. Variety of amenities for you to pick from. One of the best restaurants in Pune.

Pune not only offers bars and pubs to hangout but also delicious multi-cuisine restaurants. If your friends are far away from Pune and if you are planning for a perfect stay in the city, Look no further than The Corinthians Resort home away from home! The rooms are equipped with everything you need for a relaxing holiday, and our friendly staff is always available to help with anything you need. Check out our complimentary breakfast buffet each morning – it’s the ideal starting point for your day’s adventures!

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