This is Why This Year Will Be the Year of Bar in Pune - The Corinthians Pune
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Best Bars in Pune

This is Why This Year Will Be the Year of Bar in Pune

Bar in Pune

With over 62% of its population aged below 30, Pune is fast emerging as the top city hosting an awesome night life. A fun-filled night life is incomplete without the restro bars. While there is no dearth of breweries and bars in India or even countries abroad, there is something unusual since the world is looking back consistently for the Best Bar and restaurants in Pune. The second largest city in Maharashtra, Pune houses a humongous number of bars. However, here are the top picks that make some of them top the charts when it comes to Best Bar and Restaurant in Pune.

Huge Variety of Fresh Brewed Beer

Since a majority of the bars in Pune house their own breweries, they offer some of the unique beer flavours loaded with freshness. The variation in the tastes for beers alone is so huge that the visitors are indulged in the leisure and stay back longer than they originally planned to.

Served with the Biggest Variety of Chicken

A bar can never sustain without serving some of the best tastes along with the alcohol. Since chicken makes the deadliest combination with beer and other alcohol options, the bars in Pune encash the most on serving a wide range of chickens such as – chicken pockets, chicken skewers, barbeque chicken Steak, etc.

Spa and Bar Combination

A number of Spa in Pune offer joint offers with bars to ensure a luxurious stay and visit in the city. This combination adds tremendous value to your experience hanging out here.

Outdoor seating in Awesome Weather

Pune is known for its lovely weather and pleasant evening breeze. The entire world is fast borrowing the trend for open bar seating from some of the best bars in Pune. The experience goes to the next level of excellence for a booze lover here.

Live band, literary combination with beer

If you thought the bars are confined to offering you beer and good food, hold on. There is more to your kitty – as there are plenty of live band performances, musical concerts as well as poetry recitation sessions couple with your drink time.

Visiting Pune and looking for options for the top bars could still be a challenge. We have made it simpler for you by identifying at least of the premier options — The Corinthians Pune. A killer combination of executive lounges and restro bars — the Corinthians Pune is a respite after a tiring day at Pune.

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