The 1st Brewhouse -The Best Bar in Pune is an Ideal Place for All Beer Connoisseurs - The Corinthians Pune
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Place for All Beer

The 1st Brewhouse -The Best Bar in Pune is an Ideal Place for All Beer Connoisseurs

Best Bar in Pune

The second-largest city in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is also referred to as the Oxford of the East due to its several educational institutions. Pune has served as the political center of the Maratha Empire and the seat of the Peshwa’s. This ever-evolving city has a lot to offer to its visitors including some of the best breweries in the nation.

Beer is the oldest drink known to man since the dawn of civilization, it has also been mentioned in the ancient text of the code of Hammurabi in the ancient kingdom of Babylon. The drink of the kings and queens is not something to make light of, having said that, if you take your beer seriously which I believe you would do then The 1st Brewhouse-The Best Bar in Pune is the place for you.

Located in the Corinthians Resort and Club is one of the many bars available in the resort, however, what sets them apart is their diligent approach towards the quality of the beer which they serve to the guests. Apart from serving the finest brewed beers, the place exhibits aesthetic wooden architecture that ideally complements the flavor of the beer. The 1st Brewhouse-The Best Bar in Pune is especially known for 5 of its most rejuvenating varieties of beer that it serves.

Light Pale Ale
Apple Cider
Classical Imperial IPA
Belgian Wit bier
Oatmeal Stout

The ambiance of the bar makes the finely brewed concoction even more palatable and the soothing music being played will certainly make you want to let go of all your inhibitions and enjoy your time at The 1st Brewhouse-The Best Bar in Pune even more.

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