5 Out-of-the-box Ways to Make the Most of your Weekend in Pune - The Corinthians Pune
In this blog post we are telling about places to visit in pune in weekends. Visit website to get more information about these places.
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5 Out-of-the-box Ways to Make the Most of your Weekend in Pune

Make the Most of your Weekend in Pune

Are you looking for exciting places to visit near Pune? Whether you want to go on a solo escapade or travel with a group, there are a number of undiscovered places near Pune that make for great weekend getaways. From sightseeing to visiting the old and rich history of Maharashtra or Pune, one can opt for different experiences.
If your daily routine is getting the best of you, you can choose from resorts in Pune to get the best place to stay in Pune and make the most of your next break:

1.Tribal Cultural Museum

The Tribal Cultural Museum lies around two kilometers away from the railway station. The state of Maharashtra is a vast and many tribal communities call it their home. They have different languages, different lifestyles, food habits and beliefs. This museum exhibits the cultures of the tribal communities through jewellery, utensils, musical instruments and even black magic objects. It’s a great place to learn about the various tribal communities of the state.

2.Aga Khan Palace

Built in 1892 by Sultan Aga Khan III, this graceful building was intended to be a source of employment for the famine-struck villagers in the surrounding areas. During the fight for independence from the British, many freedom fighters were imprisoned here. Gandhi, too, was imprisoned here during the Quit India movement. Today, a collection of pictures and photographs of the important incidents in Mahatma Gandhi’s life are housed in a museum inside the palace complex.

3.Karla Caves

The Karla Caves are historically associated with the Mahasamghika sect of Buddhism. Located around 40 kilometers from the city, the caves date back to the 2nd century BC and represent the golden period of Buddhism in India. There’s a Buddhist monastery located within the caves, as well as carved prayer halls, stunning arched entrances and striking walls decorated with sculptures of humans, lions and elephants.

4.Sinhagad Fort

Sinhagad Fort also known as ‘Lion’s Fort’ is situated at a distance of 35 km of Pune on a hill rising 800m above the surrounding countryside. It is a strategic fort, carefully selected for its proximity to the settlement of Pune, allowing control over important trade routes and offering protection behind its safe walls in times of need.
During the monsoon season in June, the fort and the surrounding region come alive with beautiful waterfalls and lush flora, making it a hot spot for trekkers and hikers from Pune and Mumbai, and if you love trekking this is a place you shouldn’t miss.

5.Katraj Snake Park

Established in 1986, Katraj Snake Park is home to over 160 species of snakes. It is aided by the Pune Municipal Corporation and also boasts a vast collection of birds, reptiles and turtles. The highlights include the Brown Palm Civet, a nine foot long King Cobra brought from Sunderbans, and some rare species of birds and turtles.
The park also houses a library where a lot of information about snakes can be found and many programmes by the park authorities are also conducted to discourage snake harassment in the local area.

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