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Wedding celebration in Pune at Corinthians Pune Resort & Club

5 Happening Ideas to Make your Sangeet Function a Hit

5 Happening Ideas to Make your Sangeet Function a Hit

Weddings in India are not just about tying the knot, the functions leading up to the final ceremony are equally important too. From mehendi and haldi to sangeet, everything during a wedding is about celebrating the bond of the couple and their ‘happily ever after’. There are various banquet halls in Pune that offer all the modern amenities and grand space to organize the ceremony flawlessly.
One can plan their event venue in Pune by choosing a good hotel or resort that provides all the necessary services. A list of best songs for sangeet ceremony especially Bollywood songs and dance songs, dance preparations including sangeet ceremony couple dance, glimmering decorations, gorgeous fashionable outfits, and much more are some of the sangeet party ideas to make the ceremony an unforgettable experience. Sangeet night party themes are also much in trend for a glamorous show. The entertainment factor should never be lost, and these options can keep it going:

1.Theme story

Let’s face it; we have grown up seeing Bollywood movies and songs. So, why not build a sangeet ceremony theme act portraying the life story of the bride and the groom. Give a glimpse of the events in the life of the couple with famous Bollywood songs and get the feet grooving to the rhythm. A slideshow in the backdrop can also be played to touch the hearts.

2.The Skit

Letting an array of songs tell the story of how you met or how as a couple you both are meant to be, is an adorable way to stage a sangeet performance. While some couples have their families join forces and perform together, that way getting them more acquainted; other couples have a two sided performance; therefore, adding to the excitement as to which side performed better.
The songs can range from any latest Bollywood to Classics or even International hits wherein the lyrics represent steps of your life.

3.Music and Singing

Indian wedding without wedding songs and dance party is just unimaginable. Hire a DJ or have good music system or sometimes even a plain Dhol is sufficient to add that special touch. Singing traditional or folk songs along with the elder ladies in the family is also a special way of celebrating.


Special games can be played with different props to be used in dancing. ‘Pass-the-pillow ‘game can be played with music, and every time one gets out can dance on the song of bride/groom’s choice. Musical chair is one good game too; and you will be surprised to see the child within everybody!

5.Involve Everyone

The best way to organize a sangeet ceremony is by involving everyone, be it the kids or elder members of the family. When all of them join the celebration, the event is bound to be nothing but memorable.

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